Friday, October 28, 2016

Stoney Ridge 6W Engineering Sample spotted

The well known Zauba shipment database contains an entry for a low power Stoney Ridge E2 engineering sample. As the OPN 2E1601AOY23E2 tells us, it runs at 1.6GHz base clock and has 2 cores (as expected for Stoney Ridge). The first "E" letter denotes an embedded part, confirmed by the ES OPN decoding sheet at CPU-World.

Interestingly, the ES entry also lists the TDP, which is a low 6W for this dual core, which is one of the last descendants of the Bulldozer or Construction Core line. Next to it, there is a 15W model, which is already available as E2-9010 APU.

For comparison, the highest clocked AMD dual core APU with a similar TDP has a base clock of 1.2 GHz (GX-212JC). An upcoming model, likely of the same Puma core powered "Steppe Eagle" family, will be running at 1.6 GHz while coming with a TDP of 10 W (GX-216HC).


Unknown said...

I really hope this gets some design wins (if it actually ends up as a real product).

This would be a solid replacement for mini pcs with cherry trail

Cole Semmes said...

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