Thursday, October 15, 2015

AMD Zen and K12 (ARM) tapeouts confirmed by LinkedIn profile

According to a LinkedIn profile, both Zen and K12 should have been taped out already. So this is a fact, as it isn't speculated based on sparse information. Interestingly the same guy (you have to find him yourself, if you need to), who only talks about CPU cores, mentions his working on 16nm and 14nm FinFet designs. So there will be one design made by TSMC and one by Globalfoundries. K12 by the first and Zen by the latter I suppose. And here is the snippet:


Unknown said...

I work for a bank and we cannot reveal details of our jobs onto social media anywhere near the detail of that posting. I assume AMD has similar social media rules about confidential matters. Alas, I will assume that was a subtle paper launch and that the real launch will have some delays.

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