Monday, February 8, 2016

More AMD Bristol Ridge SKUs leaked

Kristian Gocnik (@I_biT_MySeLf) tipped me off about new mobile Bristol Ridge SKUs, which appeared on as you can see [UPDATE: the entries have been removed now - visiting the pages may delete your only cached copy in the browser] here and here. That's the same site, where the first Bristol Ridge SKU (FX-9830P) appeared on. I put this together with information found in the leaked slide by, which you can find in my blog post about a WEI result of an A10-9600P.

Table with leaked mobile Bristol Ridge OPNs

Using the mobile Carrizo SKUs, the leaked A10-9600P clock, and some sorting, it was easy to map the SKUs to the leaked slide's data. Kristian Gocnik tried it independently and we got the same mapping, except for a consumer A8-9500P he speculatively derived from the pro model, but which is missing on So the resulting table likely represents what AMD is going to release as mobile Bristol Ridge chips for the FP4 socket later this year.

The model numbers likely simply jumped by one thousand from Carrizo's and an additional thirty points for the 35W variants. Carrizo's wide TDP ranges got split into 15W and 35W TDPs. This might help to avoid the confusion about 15W and 35W Carrizos laptops. The CPU base clocks jumped significantly, while CPU Turbo and (maximum) GPU clocks kind of matured with the fab process.

A reason for the jump has been given by AMD at ISSCC 2016, as EE Times reported:
"For its part, AMD engineers showed smart ways of squeezing as much as 15% more performance out of its Carrizo PC processor, simply by applying more aggressive power management to the 28nm design. The Bristol Ridge design was a study in using power management to overcome performance limits tied to heat, voltage and current."
Months after the first leaked WEI score, first true Bristol Ridge benchmarks will show, how this improvement translates into real world performance. Hopefully they get tested with dual channel memory, even if AMD or OEMs only provide single channel equipped/designed devices, as for the recent AnandTech Carrizo review.

BTW, there are lots of fresh Stoney Ridge Geekbench results in the Primate Labs' database.

Update: Of course, these are not OPNs, but SKUs. Added a warning as the linked entries are gone.

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